About Pavel Rehurek
Czech artist Pavel Rehurek, is currently living and working in Vancouver.
Pavel's fine art photography and digital media fusion demonstrate his passion for the figurative, abstract, expressionist style of art. He offers his unique works printed on paper.  He was influenced by some Czech and Slovak émigré artists in the late sixties and seventies.  Rehurek's innate and skillful sense of colors and forms immediately capture the viewer's attention.  He achieves his inimitable expression initially in the photographic stage.  He then goes through the processes of cropping and alteration that enhances textures, colors and shapes.  The final results are images that become tactile and desirable, easy to communicate with. Glimpses of Matisse and Warhol are fused with his own vision to culminate in the mastery of post-fauvist contemporary expression.
His background in portrait photography cannot be ignored. His photo based graphic art prints have been collected in Europe, Canada, U.S., Japan and South Korea.  It is no surprise.

"I have spend quite a big chunk of my life in a photographic darkroom, up to my elbows in developer and fixer, doing it for others, for myself - experimenting all my life. I am the old school film and darkroom photographer, who was converted in mature age into digital world.
As an artist, I am completely self-thought, but I learned my craft working in all aspects of photographic profession. All my images are born in my camera, I process them later to enhance the darn thing I try to express... "
“I have always understood a good artist to be a 'mirror' to the world outside us and within -- no comments and no statements, because what we create gets an interpretation anyway -- by our artistic instinct, our subject or media we choose. Beauty exists in spite of all of us. It has its own lips. I must not speak for her. I just mirror her image through the filter of my heart.”
“Photography is a mirror by its nature. My first childhood photograph was a black and white contact and when I have seen it developing - my emotions were the same as those I much later found with a girl. Later I married and worked as a photographer. Then the digital era came and the same thing repeated -- I altered my first images in Photoshop and it gave me quite a severe 'mid-life crisis'.”
"I was born as an Artist, not implying quality, but density. Since nobody understood me, I tried to express myself by crying but to no avail. So, early in childhood, I became a poet and an actor and exaggerated everything in order to be heard. Then I emigrated as a refugee from Czechoslovakia to Canada and needed to express myself again. I have chosen photography (no language needed)."
"I started to take pictures in Canada in 1968 of fellow refugees from Czechoslovakia, who happened to include quite accomplished artists, musicians, writers, actors and photographers. The misery brought us for a moment to the same level. Ironically, if the Soviet-led invasion had not happened, I would hardly be able to associate with these people. I learned the craft from them, the vision, the attitude. It was a wonderful time. The only problem I had that many of them kept looking backward and I wanted to go forward, so I isolated myself from that environment and slowly developed my art, working in photofinishing, freelancing, assisting prominent portrait artists and experimenting."
"When I change the ordinary, mundane thing into something wonderful I am happy. I love the discovery which usually arrives during my experimentation. I am not searching for a style, I just want to express that wretched thing…"